The work 50 Boxes 50 Objects (50/50) explores the effects objects have on our behaviour. Looking at forms of collection, archiving and the compulsive act of hoarding, Individuals personal objects are sealed within boxes and then sent through the post with only a written clue as to what may be within. 

Then through collaboration with a Dr of Engineering we are given a colourless 2D glimpse as to what may lay within. 

An ambiguous view that still retains a somewhat, enigmatic mystery.


Installation of work: 

The crate displays a screen with 42 X-rays on a 7 

second limit per slide. 42 boxes are stacked on the

wooden pallet and there are 42 tags scanned within 

the Zine. 

7/42 X-rays: 

42 boxes received back. 

(out of a possible 50) 

All 42 were X-rayed. 

20/50 Boxes: 

shot within a studio. 

Using Format