Six Minutes Silence

This  project represents the 1273 bombs that were dropped over Swansea during a three-day period of the blitz. The Luftwaffe unleashed 1273 high explosive bombs and 56,000 incendiary devices to devastate an area of 41 acres, using target maps based on aerial reconnaissance photographs. 857 properties were destroyed, 11,000 properties were damaged. 230 people were killed, 409 were injured. Although Swansea had sustained casualties as a result of Luftwaffe attacks prior to this, the sustained bombardment over 72 hours was unique outside London.

With the ‘six minutes silence’ exhibition being specifically Site based, great interest was taken into the focal location of the church and the gradual invasion of shops surrounding it. The research investigates the history of universally recognised companies and the influence they have with war.

The use of peace cranes creates a metaphor for the mass of bombs dropped, and the choice of propaganda images explores a concern in the modern world of consumerism and mass production and its unethical world in which we now seem to worship.


Six peoples work was exhibited in the 

exhibtion 'Six Minutes Silence'. All work 

displayed linked with each piece and 

coincided with the specific location.


The images used for the paper 

cranes was an appropriation of 

famous propaganda images.

Origami :

Peace Crane

Using Format