Tree Series

Objects retain sentiment, evoke memory and reveal stories. This project explores my interest in human interaction rediscovering a bench I once sat on to watch the day pass by. I went back to this bench within the park with a Hasselblad and a tripod and set up for the day. 

The focal point seems to be the distinctive tree but my interest is actually the reaction of the passers by. The difference in reactions is the most interesting, from a hop, skip and a jump to a vague look and smile. This series of images documents three days at a park and displays a true sense of kindness between strangers and humanity. 

A Bronica Zenza Camera was a gift from one of the passers by. The two images that follow were from a film left inside. 

Two images processed from 

the roll of film found within 

the Bronica.

Tree Series: 

Black and White

Tree Series: 


Camera given as a gift from a passer by: 

A conversation with a stranger can be the 

loveliest thing. 

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